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    A well said Proverb is that “, One rotten apple ruins the whole Barrel”, Same is the case with the Horoscope. If a person has enormous Raj yogas but his destiny house is spoiled by grahan dosh, pitra dosh, kemdrumdosh, chaandal dosh etc. he would get a big struggle and obstacle all through his life. So it’s very necessary to get rid off all these doshas to get good result of the shubh yogas. In most of the kundali  one bad doshas is always found and people remain in a big dilemma that why my all the hopes and desires are being dashed to the ground. Therefore it is a mandatory task of the Astrologer to provide remedies to pacify the doshas. To make it understandable let us take one example of dosha called the Pitra dosha formed by the conjunction of the Planet rahu and Saturn, the best solution would be to get Puja done of Naagbali, Tripandi and Shradha at Trambkeshwar in Nashik or at Mahkaleshwar in Ujjain. When it is done a big change in the Person life will come and he starts getting favour from his destiny.