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  • Every human being who steps foot on this planet brings their unique set of energies with them. And particular planets and zodiac signs govern each of these energy fields. You should have a completely separate energy field than others because you are a unique individual. To put it another way, your energies may or may not be compatible with those of others, which is what distinguishes you from everyone else. As an old science, kundli matching allows us to see if the energy we carry match or compliment the energies of our partner or the one with whom we wish to tie the knot. Both the boy's and girl's horoscopes, or kundlis, are matched in Hinduism in order to negate any negative repercussions after marriage. Kundli matching is required to determine if the planets' positions are likely or unlikely. For example, if Rahu is negatively positioned in one's Rashi (Rahu Mahadasha), it is not the best time for them to marry. Similarly, the Kundli matching procedure can assist in determining whether or not a girl or boy is Mangalik.

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