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    Yogas have a great impact in one’s life, there  are enormous yogas formed in the Horoscope, it is not possible to check all the yogas , so we give importance to the most effective yogas which have an impact on the individual’s Life. When the yogas are negative is called as Doshas. Here are the  names of the Popular yoga:- Gaj kesari yoga, Panchmahapurush yoga, Shubh kartari yoga, Buddha aditya yoga, Mahalaxmi yoga, Sarswati yoga, Exchange Yogas, Bhagya vridhi yoga and Raj yogas formed by the kendras and Trikona, these all are Auspicious yogas, whereas the Popular doshas are;- Kemdrum dosha, paap kartari dosh, Manglik dosh, Daridra dosh, Pitra dosh, Kaal sarp dosh, Sakat dosh, Grahan dosh, Chandaal dosh etc